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INMET delivers automotive components in high volume with ‘Zero Compromise’ in quality aspects, which is a prime focus for Automotive Industry aiming towards ZERO defect roadmap.
  • Diverse and demanding applications
  • Small, complex metal parts
  • High precision, high volume
  • Wear-resistant, strong products


INMET provides MIM parts with complex shapes, superior strength and excellent surface finish for Aeronautics. We are trusted for our uncompromising quality and precision tooling.
  • A variety of materials under one roof
  • The precision-engineered products
  • Delivered to global OEMs on time, every time
  • Machined components for challenging applications


INMET manufactures precision products in industrial segments with wide variety of applications as per customer requirement such as connectors, valve components and many more.
  • In-house processes, saving cost and time
  • Small and large volume industrial projects
  • Flexibility of product design and customization
  • Guidance in material selection
Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

MIM abilities such as high surface finish, coating abilities and intricate shape manufacturing abilities enable us to deliver products in consumer electronics segment for various applications including mobiles, computer components and variety of other electronic goods.
  • High quality components
  • Cost effective products
  • Excellent machining capacities
  • Innovative product design talent


MIM technology has been an integral part of the sports industry. INMET manufactures for varied sports applications such as sights, cross bow mechanisms in archery, soleplates in golf, braking components in cycling etc.
  • State-of-the-art tooling capabilities
  • World-class materials
  • Advanced processes
  • Cutting edge products
Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods

Large volumes of complex and intricate metal parts can be manufactured for luxury brands using high quality materials, with high precision machining. The MIM technology can be used innovatively in luxury mobile phone manufacturing, watches, eyewear, jewellery design and other luxury items.
  • A wide range of components for luxury goods
  • Small, complex, aesthetic components
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Trusted by reputed luxury brands
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