Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is a process of engineering product design concept. A prototype is a preliminary version of the end-product used to evaluate the design, test the technology, analyse the working principle, and provide final product specifications. Prototypes are an integral part of engineering product design and, more importantly, of new product development.

INMET has capability to support customer in early validations with its rapid prototyping abilities through MIM & In-house 3D Printing facility.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping

MIM Technology and Additive Manufacturing are highly beneficial for cost efficiency, speed enhancement and time saving. The result is a perfect product at par with the best industry standards.

Rapid Proto Typing – Advantages of MIM

Rapid Prototyping Work flow

Reverse Engineering is a thorough process, which involves capturing 3D dimensional data of a physical object, processing 2D/ 3D data, CAD creation, design modification, inspection and 3D printing.

Selection of prototyping method based on the nature of requirement for prototype development and its lead time of sample development.

Proto MethodDevelopment Time
Metal 3D printing10 Days
MIM Single Cavity Insert method25 Days
MIM Baby Molds with Different Components40 Days
MIM Standard Multi Cavity Mold – Production Tool60 Days