The INMET manufacturing facility at Jejuri is ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D:2016 and IATF 16949:2016 certified. The facility covers the operations of engineering, manufacturing and administration. Manufacturing site facilitates complete end to end support required for MIM products under single roof.

Process Design and Engineering

The specialty of INMET is to produce the most intricate or complicated parts using advanced simulation software and expertise of MIM technology. INMET is trusted for its meticulous process design and simulation.

At the initial stage of the product life cycle, we develop virtual components by using MOLDEX simulation software and tool design, gauges and fixture design capabilities. These virtual creations then enable us to design products that are immaculately accurate and efficient. MOLDEX helps us simulate a wide application range of injection molding processes, to optimize process design and manufacturability, reduce time-to-market, and maximize product ROI.

Spectrum of Software used by us for the process design

MIM Process

Compounding MIM Process


Compounding MIM Process

Feedstock refers to the raw material used in metal injection molding. The feedstock is usually in the form of pellets similar to the granules used in plastics production. Since the feedstock itself plays such a vital role in the MIM process, the characteristics of the feedstock will influence every step from start to finish.

  • INMET procures the RM from globally reputed RM suppliers which ensures the quality of RM is maintained. Fully equipped, stringent in-house quality checks ensure the quality of feedstock before production.
  • Having variety of RM grades under the belt, INMET has an upper hand in the choice of RM as per product application, providing alternate material solutions to the customer which will value add to soft as well as hard savings to customer side. Optimum use of RM properties to suffice the need of application is the USP of INMET.
Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

The basic work principle of injection molding is fairly simple. Heat up a material till it is molten, then inject the liquid material into a mold with the desired shape, the material will adopt the shape of the mold and stay that way after it is cooled back down into solid-state.

Metal injection molding is performed with the same injection molding machines as used in plastics production. Molding machines using a reciprocating screw are by far the most common in both plastics and MIM production. INMET indulges world class machinery in the core manufacturing processes.

Debinding and Sintering

Our debinding systems utilize a combination of thermal and solvent Debinding mechanisms, to create polymer-free metal parts ready for sintering.

The sintering process transforms rigid powder compacts into proper solid metal objects. After sintering, the produced parts exhibit strength, hardness, ductility, wear resistance, conductivity and even visual resemblance similar to parts produced by conventional metal working. Bonding occurs due to heating of part up to the fusion temperature. At fusion temperature the metal particles fuse into each other forming a solid bond up to full density.

Sintering furnaces in INMET are vacuum sintering furnaces which are SCADA controlled. As output of Sintering furnace, it is the full density part as desired.


INMET has extensive experience of 20+ years in machining industry as a solution provider in macro as well as micro machining.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

IMNET provides a wide variety of heat treatment services with best in class infrastructure.

We offer different types of HT facilities like:

Surface Coating & Finishing

Surface Coating & Finishing

Surface Coating & Finishing

Surface treatment works to change surface of a manufactured product or imbue it with specific functional or aesthetic properties, such as color, shine, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. INMET offers specialized heat treatments for High precision MIM products having their applications over variety of areas.

We offer a wide variety of coating and colors for MIM parts. Our surface treatment processes are eco-friendly. They do not involve chemical processing, or storing hazardous materials. We undertake following surface treatment processes.

MIM Advantages

Metal Injection Molding being a cutting-edge technology, produces near net shape, complex products which may be difficult to manufacture through conventional processes.

Radar Image

By the virtue of innovative cutting-edge technology, it provides various advantages as follows:

Inspection and Testing

INMET has a comprehensive facility for quality control, testing and validation. Our Inspection and Testing Department is a blend of advanced inspection equipment and cutting-edge technology, ensuring accuracy and performance efficiency.

INMET has superior expertise in data retention and multi-gauging. Every manufactured product undergoes a series of stringent and customer-specified tests, which are conducted at our in-house testing facilities. The inspection and testing procedures are conducted by the qualified and trained team of INMET.

Our Inspection and Testing Capabilities

Standard Room Instruments

METLAB Instruments