We believe in being the change we want to see. INMET is a socially responsible company with a constructive approach to social causes and human welfare. As per the mandate of Government India under Company Act 2013, INMET spends 2% of its net profit in CSR activities.

INMET undertakes various initiatives and endeavours for the upliftment of the society, throughout the year. Our CSR activities are predominantly in the areas of environmental awareness, healthcare and social empowerment.

INMET is committed to adding value to the lives of all and our team is purposefully involved in our social work. Contributing to the society and encouraging good citizenship is our aim.

INMET’S Well-Being Initiatives-

Tree Plantation
Trees are the support system of life. We believe in nurturing the nature. We contribute to the conservation of environment by undertaking tree plantation drives at various locations.

Diwali Snacks to Orphanage
As part of our social welfare activities, the INMET employees make visits and donations to orphanages. To add more value to the lives of unfortunate children, we distribute Diwali Snacks to and add value to their celebrations.

Blood Donation
Blood donation is a noble social initiative. INMET ties up with various hospitals to conduct blood donation camps and our employees volunteer for the same.

Our social initiatives include

Our Social Initiatives Include